Physician Bloggers

The White Coat Investor:  the original and biggest physician finance site. Forum is a great place to ask questions of a very well-informed crowd.  Also the site of my first-ever guest post and also my second guest post.

Crispy Doc:  a financially independent EM doctor and survivor of burnout.

Contract Doctor: this site is no longer active but has some great posts on contract negotiation and compensation, written by an physician-executive.

A Good Life MD: finance and well-being.

Miss Bonnie MD:  written by a dermatologist, who is also one of the hosts of the "Hippocratic Hustle" podcast.

Doctor of Finance MD: an ob-gyn writing about financial independence.

The Wall Street Physician: a trader-turned-physician who gives great investing advice.

Xrayvsn: a radiologist writing about finance, with many resources listed.

Physician on FIRE:  an anesthesiologist who has left full-time medicine.  Heavy on early-retirement information.

Passive Income, MD: focused on passive income generation, especially real estate.

Simple DDS: a female dentist, a mix of financial and personal writing.